Monday, 6 August 2012

Multiple Image Test

This post attempts to answer the question, will the app version of this blog reader (like the "Doctor Braun" app made by Blackberry App Generator) be able to display more than just the "title image" in each blog post? Well I've attached a title image already which shows some thumbnails. I will include several more images and see if they show up in the app. Obviously the web version has no issues, as you can see multiple images.

By the way, these are not my own images. They were found using a Google image search. They appear here below, all centered:


Above should appear 3 images, centered. Now to review the app-displayed version of this page and see whether these additional embedded images show up!

(Follow-up note:   Aha! The app version doesn't display these additional images... Now to debug and find out why that is. Could it be that they have to be all at the beginning of the text, or does the app ignore all future embedded image links?)

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