Thursday, 2 August 2012

Blackberry App Generator

I have been invited to use the beta-version of the Blackberry App Generator, and I must say it is really neat! The wizard guides you through the process easily. It is a relatively straight-forward RSS newsfeed reader but has other options including reading other types of blogging sites, linking of YouTube channels, Facebook and photo channels!

Support currently is only for 4 different links. That may not be sufficient for everyone, but for some basic businesses which have a Facebook page, Blog, Twitter or Photo page, it is enough to put all resources under one app!

I have made an app for myself "Doctor Braun" and plan on making another for the Raspberry Pi... making it a truly "Raspberry on a Blackberry" experience (hence the photo tagged to this blog entry).  Stay tuned for some more apps, now that they are so much easier to create!

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