Sunday, 5 August 2012

Doctor Braun App Now Available!

It was just a matter of 3 days from starting the app creation to submitting it, having it approved, and now available in App World! That is, thanks to the new Blackberry App Generator which makes creating an app extremely easy and requires no programming experience. If you are viewing this page through a browser and haven't yet downloaded the app directly to your blackberry, the link is here:

Download Doctor Braun App for Blackberry

I am getting some strange results, as far as the link above goes. Initially it was not showing up as a link. However, after testing it again it is working on both the phone app and the playbook. However, the image at the bottom of this blog entry is not showing up in the app. Only the first image is showing up. I need to be careful then how many images to put in.

The timeline for creating the app? Well, on Thursday, August 2nd I received an email from Blackberry App Generator saying I have access to the private beta program. I went on the website, created my app by uploading a couple of images (icon and banner logo) and selecting up to 4 resources (feeds, youtube links, twitter, etc) to populate the app with content. By Friday, August 3rd my app already appeared in my Blackberry Vendor Portal account, allowing me to edit some things if needed. Saturday passed, then Sunday night I received notification my app was approved! Awesome!

Next app coming down the pipeline... Raspberry Pi on Blackberry app. I have made all necessary emails to the people involved with the content feeds to grant me permission to use them in the app. They have been extremely supportive and I am happy to make the app available freely. Stay tuned for that one!

Finally, to test out the app and how it handles images, I have decided to link another image to this post and see what happens. I am under the impression that the app will pick out the first image embedded in the post, usually which I include right at the very top as the first entry (which I right-justify). We will find out! Here is a link and image to more about the Blackberry App Generator.

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