Monday, 6 August 2012

Embedding Multiple Images for App


Ok, so these are my photos this time. I took them a long time ago when we actually used film in cameras. Being uploads rather than links, I wonder how the app will treat them. Also since they are all before any of the text, I wonder if it will use just the first image as the "title thumbnail" or whether it will have problems with that too!

(Update: The result of this post's test shows only the first image displays in the app. You would have to click on the "See original story" at the bottom of the post in the app to get all of the image content visible when it loads up the full article in the browser. If that is the case, I wonder whether there is a way to control also how much of the text gets displayed).

(Another Update:  So I thought maybe the solution is to embed links to the images and see what happens. At least if it doesn't show it "inline" then the link is available to click and view? Try them above and see).

Ok one more check... make image tag less complicated and see what happens:

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