Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Raspberry Pi

Bought myself some Raspberry Pi

Ok, it's official. My name finally came up on the pre-order list and I purchased a Raspberry Pi! Not sure exactly what to do with it yet, but I figure it must be worth the $35 US (+shipping). Came out to about mid-$40's. In any case, hopefully total will be under $50 for a Linux machine.

So here's some thoughts. I plan on embedding this thing inside a small keyboard case. Then I just take it with me and plug into a monitor and power supply. The SD card should have the Linux distro on it and boot up from that. I can also attach USB memory if needed to access stuff. Basically a nice Linux toy to play around with. Can make it into another media box, a small laptop, whatever. Just need to source the parts and patch something together.Will keep you posted!

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