Monday, 21 May 2012

Posting from my Playbook

Posting from my Playbook

So I am trying to post this next blog entry entirely using my Playbook. It is a little tougher since there is no mouse control. The small icons on most of the Google docs pages have always been tough to tap using a touchscreen only. I am pinch zooming in order to get close enough to activate the buttons. Nevertheless, I am making progress. I managed to open another tab, find an image of the PlayBook and link it here. 

I look forward to testing out more blogging in preparation for the app generation for my clients. The question will be, who will continuously update their blogs? Will I do it, or will they have to make a parallel site to theirs which will also need updating, if they do not have blog format for news at the moment? Seems to me that the static web design model with periodic page edits by a designer are not going to cut it. The news pages should be formatted as a blog and embedded within the website instead, and page edits would occur in the blog site.

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