Monday, 21 May 2012

My Blogging Journey Begins

My Blogging Journey Begins

I have finally plunged into the world of "blogging". After considering myself relatively techno-savvy I realized that having a Facebook account, Twitter account and website were not enough. I rarely use or update any of them. At this point in time I am working to develop some Blackberry Applications for several organizations. In particular, I wanted to enhance their mobile-presence and it seems there are a number of new services which create customized RSS newsfeed "Apps" for iOS, Blackberry and Android patforms with little to no programming experience needed. This is the start of my experimentation with blogging, creating an RSS feed and seeing how I can make an app out of it!

Newsreader Automatic Apps

Sites which I have found that can create apps out of RSS, which are in turn created out of blogs, are as follows: (for Android)

Essentially, Google-search for "app generator for <insert platform here>" and you will find a number of automatic app generators which essentially are pre-made RSS newsreaders, that insert your RSS feed into their code and basically create a newsreader "locked" on to your feed, with the ability to customize the icon.

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