Monday, 20 January 2014

iPhone 5 Nano SIM Adapter Fun

I like to switch often between my devices depending on my daily mood and for testing apps (iPhone and BlackBerry). How can you do this on different phones which may have completely different SIM card slots? A SIM Card Adapter lets you easily use the same SIM card in all your devices. The secret is to ask your carrier for the smallest SIM card available, the nano SIM for the iPhone 5! Then use the adapters to convert up the size for mini, micro and regular SIM sizes when needed! I purchased the adapter from eBay store in Hong Kong for $1.00 US, with free shipping. That is ridiculous, considering the shipping alone from Kong Kong to Canada has to be most of that cost.

Some people have reported breaking their phones using adapters, and so the video here shows you how to avoid it. Namely, do NOT make the same mistake of inserting a SIM Card Adapter into your phone without a SIM in it. This will result in snagging your gold pins in the slot when you try to remove the adapter.

If you already made the mistake, and found your way to this blog without breaking your phone, it's not too late! Try this! Some adapters have a clear plastic membrane on one side to hold the SIM card so it doesn't fall out, while others just have an open window. If your adapter is open in the middle (no clear plastic membrane) you may be able to slide it out slightly and slip your smaller SIM card into the middle of the adapter and free it up that way. Alternatively, you can try to push down the first group of 3 gold pins using a needle, slip your card out a bit and repeat on the second group of 3 gold pins.

If your SIM adapter has a clear membrane, you won't be able to slip the smaller SIM card into it. You will have to pierce through the thin clear plastic membrane on your SIM adapter (which ruins it) but at least it saves your phone. Push the gold pins in carefully while pulling on the adapter gently to bypass the first group of 3 gold pins, then repeat for the second group of 3 gold pins. Do not force the adapter out or you will rip your pins and render your device useless! Then you can either tear off the clear plastic membrane and use the adapter like an adapter without the window!

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