Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Instagram v4.1.2 with Video running on BlackBerry 10.2

Instagram runs fairly well as an Android port, and thanks to many resourceful people in the hacking community, it is possibly to fairly easily bring this app to your device. However, I do not wish to promote piracy. Instagram has reasons for not releasing the app for BlackBerry, and nobody seems to know why. However, for testing purposes only you can do the same thing as you see in the video above. The usual disclaimer applies - not responsible for bricking your device. Having said that, many people have done this without problems.

Get the Unlocked Android Runtime from this thread here:

Berryleaks Presents Unlocked Android Runtime

Get Instagram here:

Instagram Android BAR

Get the Sideloading tool here:

Sideloading Tool

Learn how to do it by reading the guide here:

Sideloading Guide

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