Monday, 18 March 2013

Red Developer Edition Blackberry Z10

Reluctantly I had to return my Dev Alpha A in January for the trade-up program, but I knew as I awaited eagerly that I would eventually receive this beautiful shiny new red Z10 phone! Well it has finally arrived and I must tell you, it is an amazing piece of technology. The Blackberry 10 OS just flies and there are so many features, so many functions, it is a production and entertainment power-house that fits in your pocket!

I was able to successfully transfer over the entire contents of my old Torch to the Z10 after using the latest Blackberry Desktop Manager and Blackberry Link. The experience was relatively smooth and I am amazed how the Blackberry Hub just magically seems to collect information from multiple sources and make it easy to organize and follow. Anyone familiar with the Playbook knows how simple it is to drag content over to the device to play videos and music, but if you want to Sync everything to match up with the content on your hard drive you can use Blackberry Link. Speaking of "link", you can also link related or duplicate contact entries in the Hub to quickly combine them! Awesome!

Here is an unboxing video of this amazing new phone!

Unboxing Red Developer Edition Blackberry Z10

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